Our Roasts

Roasted To Perfection Everytime

Our beans are roasted here in Australia and have been carefully crafted for over 15 years. We offer a variety of blends and single origin beans available in your choice of whole beans or ground to your desired level.

Blended Roasts

House Blend

A traditional Italian style coffee with great presence in milk, good body and strength with a chocolate finish.


Redland’s Blend
Deep and vibrant flavours of citrus with notes of pine, milk transfers to chocolate and cocoa butter smoothness.


Secrets Blend
Specially roasted for our customers who love that bold coffee hit. Notes of spiced fruit cake, Cedar, black currants with a rich dark chocolate flavour.

New Orleans Blend
A full bodied, deep and strong blend with Cedar and nutty caramel flavours when combined with milk and ever changing flavour notes as it cools.

Black Velvet Blend
A unique blend of Brazilian, Colombian and Sumatran Arabica Beans. Each of these beans are roasted separately and then blended together.

Single Origin - Dark Roast

Smokey Joe

Roasted slow and multiple times the coffee develops a rich Hickory Smoke tone throughout with deep flavours of blueberry, black currant and raisins.

French Espresso
A traditionally dark roast with the prefect combination of strength and bite. Its bold characteristics make is best enjoyed black.

Single Origin

New Guinea

An exceptionally smooth brew reveals flavours of intense wild fruits combined with chocolate and dark plumbs.


An earthy single origin roast with tones of a traditional Guatemalan coffee when served as an espresso.

A fine, delicate and sweet flavoured roast with floral hints and flavours of  toasted nut, plum, port, raisins and burnt sugar.

A full flavoured and dominant acidity bean with flavours of plum, port, raisin and burnt sugar. Swiss water pressed chemical free processing.