The Anfim KS Coffee Grinder offers home baristas high quality grinding at home for their espresso machine or alternative brewing methods.



The Anfim KS has a small footprint to make it suitable to most home settings and its stylish design with stainless steel finish will match most traditional coffee machines.



The KS doses directly into the basket via the lever, providing consistent and precise grind with minimal static. This easy to use grinder features 25 grind settings for a wide range of applications.




It produces consistent and precise grind size for superior rich espresso flavours and aromas, and is also suitable for producing grind for French Press, Drip Coffee, Syphon, and Stovetop.




The Anfim KS Coffee Grinder is a great addition to your home coffee set up for producing fresh grind every day.



Anfim KS - Self Dosing Grinder

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